Thursday, March 22, 2018

sock puppet theater

i don't know what to say. There had been so much that I could comment on. Have I gotten sucked back into politics? Yes. Have I looked into Mandela effect. Yes. Is the earth flat? I don't know but it is not a spinning globe. After that we can't know because they are hiding the truth. Everything we were taught as kids and everything we KNEW as truth is a lie. Everything. Who are they you ask? My mom asked me the same thing. I said, the people that are working toward the evil agenda. I could name names, but you already know who they are. Even if you name names it doesn't matter because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principality's and powers and spiritual wickedness on high. Now, there is the Transgenda. Its come into my family. My very very innocent niece who went to college right out of high school. A niece who had never had a boyfriend before. A niece who had absolutely no discernment so when a female to male tranny targeted her and started a relationship with her, she only saw this as a boy. Her mom, my sister could have took me aside and told me the truth. For 8 months this realtionship was going on. But she didn't. she said when confronted, "I'm ok with it.". Really? you are okay with a sexual pretator preying on your very innocent 17 year old daughter. Needless to say, when I told my brother in law that he should protect his daughter by pulling her out of that school, I have not been to a family gathering since. I am sick and tired of having the transgenda shoved down my throat and I will not tolerate it at Christmas and Thanksgiving either. I am beginning to hate this place.