Friday, April 4, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whispers of the farm...

Long time readers will remember that my sister's farm has always been an oasis for me on my journey. Many times I have found healing and refreshing there. I have been back in Oregon for 10 months. I have been on 26 job interviews without a job offer. Most people say I should be thankful that I even get job interviews and that is due in part because I have such a rocking resume. But let me tell you - after being on 26 job interviews without an offer it can be very discouraging. Except that it isn't. Every time I did not get a job I knew it was because the Lord did not open that particular door for me and I just needed to wait until He did.

I knew very clearly that the Lord had closed all the doors for me in Casper and opened the way for me to come back to Oregon. For the first couple months here I was very discouraged and wondering if I had misread the signs after all. Until in August when I met the best boyfriend ever and everyday I spend with him, I know for a fact that I am where I am supposed to be.

My sister and her husband both got laid off from their jobs. They began to seriously look at the idea of having a working farm that generated an income. They got a nursery license and a business license. There was a part of me that was jealous because I wanted to be able to work on the farm too - an endeavor I would enjoy so much more than working for the man.

My boyfriend and I are going to buy an RV in May and we talk very seriously about getting married then too. ("It WILL happen" he assures me.) We discussed how cool it would be to park our RV at the farm and help work it, and maybe even have some chickens of our own or something like that.

We had my sister and her husband over for a BBQ because my boyfriend is a master chef and his BBQ sauce is the BEST. I realized that was the first time I had ever had them over for dinner before. When you cook like I do, inviting people over for dinner is not really such a good idea. During our conversations I told my sister that I could help set them up with a website. She called me a few days later to ask if I was still interested in designing her website but she said that she would not be able to pay me. So I told her about our idea of parking the RV at the farm - and as a barter system - help them work the farm instead of paying rent. She said she needed to bring up the idea to her husband and they would get back to us.

A couple days later she called back to say they thought that was an excellent idea. So starting in May we will be out of the city and living at the farm full time. It is very exciting. My boyfriend and I took a 5 week class called "Seed to Supper - A beginners guide to starting your own garden" and planted our own container garden that can go with us in the RV. We are excited about our future.

Lots of love!