Thursday, October 26, 2023

Another Day, Another...Well You Know

In the picture above – taken from here – Homeland Security is ON IT. Look at them scrambling around looking for the culprit in the alleged manhunt. Our tax dollars at work.

Literally – within minutes of the news hitting the airwaves – Big Country Expat was taking bets on our newest wind-up toy:

But Will He Have Three Names? Place Your Bets!!!

It appears that instead of 3 names we get 2 names and a date of birth (4.4.83). That's new – but the planners aren't fooling anyone.

Here is one of the MSM articles on the “event”:

Lewiston, Maine mass shooting: At least 22 dead as manhunt intensifies for person of interest Robert Card

22 dead, press conference had microphones from Fox 22 and CBS(eye logo) 13. Just my observations. I watched the little film of the press conference and looked at all the pictures. I saw lots of police cars but only one grainy cell-phone shot of someone being loaded into an ambulance. That little film clip could be from anywhere. So it doesn't prove anything. Overall that is a serious lack of ambulances for some 50-60 injured people. The hospital was pictured without any people or ambulances in front of it.

Just for fun I ran all the pictures of the shooter through an AI generated photo detection program located here.

So far no names (or races) for any of the victims. I guess we shall see how this whole thing plays out.

I almost forgot! Earlier in the day yesterday morning - I received this email from the Office of Justice Programs:

Strange coincidence to say the least. Anyway, take care out there.


Cederq said...

Maybe you should have placed the picture of the "Office of Justice Programs" through the AI program... Just another make work and official pity party the fake survivors especially "Calming the Body." The phrasing and sentence structure in the email is off, A moron AI program wrote that?

You are right, lack of "victims," lack of ambulances and no shot of the Life Flight copters? That is the drama journalist and news departments want to see, "If it bleeds, it leads" mantra news pushes.

wendyworn said...

the office of justice program picture came up 87.11 human. for what its worth.

wendyworn said...

87.11 % human

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Good write up on the story Wendy thank you

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

ps let me guess the MVC just happens to be in Maine this week

wendyworn said...

thanks Bear Claw!

wendyworn said...

sorry - what does MVC mean?

LargeMarge said...

I worked trauma.
The code for 'motor vehicle crash' is the always-capitalized 'MVC'.

wendyworn said...

thank you Large Marge!