Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I dont like Alan Keyes

For the last couple years I have read numerous articles by Alan Keyes. I have always had alot of respect for his opinions and felt he was very intelligent and right on about alot of subjects. That is until now.

Alan joined the Constitution Party in order to be nominated to run for President on the party's ticket. When the Constitution Party chose Chuck Baldwin as their nominee, instead of backing the party nominee (which is why you join a party? yes? Just for the record I am not affiliated with ANY party - although I am leaning very heavily towards the Constitution Party.) he chose instead to go start his very OWN party - America's Independent party - so that he could nominate himself for President. So really for all intents and purposes - its all about him.

Today he has an article on World Net Daily: "Titled Gov. Sarah Palin: Unequally yoked"
You can read the article here:

And although it is not a bad article in its own right - Chuck Baldwin already wrote an article on this subject that I already wrote about a couple of days ago! (You can read the Chuck Baldwin article if you scroll down.)

I'm very curious as to why World Net Daily will post articles by Alan Keyes - but not from Chuck Baldwin, or Ron Paul for that matter. Why was there absolutely NO coverage of Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty"? For someone who wrote a book titled, "None of the Above" Joseph Farah has tons of articles of the two main party nominees and none on the third party alternatives (especially the ones that are Christian!). Make's you want to go Hhmmmm....


Zita said...

Alan Keyes never joined the Constitution Party. He did check out the party and before the vote count event took place, and saw that it was not a place he wanted to be. Party leaders would not accept his position on foreign policy. Alan Keyes is not going to flip-flop on principles in order to win approval.

wendyworn said...


Katrinka Yobotz said...

America's Independent Party was not started by Alan Keyes, although the party did nominate him as their first presidential candidate.

Read the platform.