Sunday, April 14, 2024

Jake's Take



Cederq said...

Here's my shocked nose! Oh, just a fake booger, sorry. It does seem funny we didn't see or hear of funeral plans, when a magic negro departs his/her mortal coil there is such fanfare and extravaganza and swooning. I didn't see none. Everything is so twisted and unreal I don't believe in anything that the five corporations that own over 90% of TV, radio, print push as gospel and accurate, so, there is that. All fake and ghey.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Maaan,, Dammitall,, I Wish that didn't sound quite so Right..
Sunovabitch,,, I have Seen myself understand that Something that Looked So Organic was really nothing but frikken Astro-Turf,, but I didn't see That One.
Is he Correct?

In the words of a somewhat famous cartoon character,,,
MMMMMM, Could Be...

wendyworn said...

justin - I think he may be correct. plus the fact that he died at 76 = 13.

cederq - everything is fake and gay and getting faker and gayer all the time.

Tree Mike said...

Isn't Satan the Master of deception? Pretty sure he is. In my not so humble opinion, plenty of (((Their))) ops are illusions(some times spelled with a d), subterfuges and deceptions, to distract and waste our time, so we don't go after them. It's hard to go after much of anything, when you're semi swamped in survival and BS.
Glad the AC came back.