Thursday, December 21, 2023

Audience Participation Required

One of the biggest psy-ops in my lifetime was the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. The official story is that the 19 hijackers who perpetrated the attack hailed from four different countries. Those were Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. We know this because their passports were conveniently found in the rubble.

Within minutes, everyone knew that Tim Osman, CIA asset Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, was the mastermind. He also came from Saudi Arabia, but was eventually found to be hiding out in some cave in Afghanistan.

The American people were outraged as a whole and calling for blood. Yet somehow, instead of going to any of the aforementioned countries (not including Afghanistan), we went into Iraq and took out Saddam Hussein and his imaginary weapons of mass destruction. At the end of the day, Iraq was the original target all along, but they needed the people on board, a re-direction of the outrage if you will.

So now “they” (the members of the Big Club) want the American people to have a civil war. They want a civil war made up of Left vs Right, POC vs whyte people, old vs young, men vs women, I mean, pick a category. They want us to fight neighbor vs neighbor so that we don't join forces against them. Their plans to outrage us into fighting amongst ourselves is actually working, unfortunately.

This latest move, on the grand stage, is to have headlines everywhere tell us that the Colorado Supreme Court has decided that Trump can't be on the ballot. A completely empty gesture on the face of it, that will most likely get overturned yet common sense conservatives who are paying attention and think they know what is really going on in the world, but still don't understand that they are watching a scripted movie playing out in front of their eyes, are getting outraged. With several states, like New York and California, soon doing the same thing, the anger and rage of the people will grow exponentially.

They've released their recent propaganda films to incite us into doing exactly what they want us to do. Because this has worked out so well for them in the past, and history tends to repeat itself.

They NEED our participation for their plans to work. War has been declared on the American people with each passing outrage. The enemy forces will continue to release movies and headlines and whatever else they can throw at us to get us all to snap. Then they will have their excuse to go after us.

Don't participate. Don't listen to their propaganda. Don't buy their products. Don't use their banks. Don't watch their movies. Take precautions against the things they are threatening us with. Stock up on food, water, untainted medical supplies. Above all else, don't participate in the outrage. Everything you say or do will be used against you. Don't let them steal your peace. Trust in the Lord and recognize when the forces of evil are yanking your chain. The adversary will continue to ramp up the crazy. Don't let it affect you. Resist the devil and he (and his cronies) will flee.

Take care out there.


Justin_O_Guy said...

recognize when the forces of evil are yanking your chain

You know how few see past what they are told. The Dumbmasses watch
the marionettes act out the play,never seeing the strings. Pausing the video and showing them the strings is without effect. It's good to see what you said, tho. Even Knowing how they are manipulating the Picture we see I find myself Feeling things that would justify my participation. A call for calm, for observing and being comforted by the knowledge of Our Place in it all helps me. Thanks.
Dumbmasses just seems to fit the bill..

wendyworn said...

we all feel that way Justin. The enemy knows how to manipulate our emotions. it wouldn't be a war if it was going to be easy. but I think we are already winning.

Peteforester said...

That being said, and that being true enough, we're in a catch-22. Enough people WILL fall for it and WILL fight. War will be here, and it won't matter if what started it was nefarious or not. It'll be like The Great Toilet Paper Shortage. There really was no shortage. People got lemminged out, panicked, and bought every roll of toilet paper on the shelves. The end result, well, was a shortage. If you didn't run out and buy what you could, even though the whole thing was contrived, you were finishing the paperwork with leaves and newspapers. The same thing is going on now. If we revolt, we'll be blamed for starting a war. If we DON'T revolt, we'll be rolled over by "The Man..."

...Pray for peace... Prepare for war...

wendyworn said...

I know you are right Pete. we are definately in a catch-22 situation.

Cederq said...

A Civil War is coming, but not the civil war they think they want or hope for. It will be epic, it will be brutal and it will be with out mercy. A lot of leftists and the degenerate and the brutal cowards we call cops will not the wraith and unlimited chaos we are going to visit upon them. We are tired, miserable, pissed and taxed and perverted far too along to not bring the Holy house down. We will bring vengeance. For God always uses man to deliver it.

wendyworn said...

something is coming...

Tree Mike said...

Cederq, as I recall, you're not in the best shape, I know I'm in no run n gun shape. I can do support though, and in a pinch, I'll be like a tank with a blown tread, so if I have to fight, it will likely start and end where ever I am.
Matthew 24: 16-20 says flee to the mountains and do not participate. I did that in 2015, landed in lovely (and non vibrant/diverse) hills of Tennessee. I can't read the tea leaves, but trust the Lord will put me where I need to be, should things unravel. Blessings and good fortune to all, in these trying times.
Tree Mike

wendyworn said...

great comment mike