Monday, December 18, 2023

Things I Ignored this Weekend

And by ignore I mean I refused to click on any headlines that talked about the following:

1. Russia/Ukraine

2. Israel/Palestine (or Hamas)

3. Do it yourself gay porn in Congress – although BCE did a hilarious write-up about it here. I'm sure he is absolutely correct on his predictions of the fall out.

4. Anything Tucker said

5. Anything Elon said. Especially the part of having bases on the moon and/or Mars, while all the Tesla's in the US are having a recall. I wonder if it is to re-program them to self drive into a 108 car pile-up wreaking havoc via the predictive programming in Obama's “Leave the world behind?” Maybe just the white ones. Miles did an excellent review here.

6. Anything Alex Jones and Stew Peters had to talk about. Or Russell Brand. Don't know – don't care.

7. The big red-letter headlines on Drudge saying Nikki Haley is polling better than Trump. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I mean please. No one likes that bitch. Especially since she really wants to shut people up online. She can't even speak for heaven's sake. She talks like someone with their jaw wired shut. The only way she gets in is if she is shoved in via massive cheating like the current resident. Give me a break.

So all in all, a nice peaceful weekend.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care out there.


Cederq said...

Did someone pee in your Cheerios this morning? Yikes! I don't listen or read about any of those snaggle tongues on the best of days. Teslas being recalled? I have one sitting right below my living room window and he got into a minor traffic accident a few weeks ago and crumpled his R rear fender and I wonder when the damn thing is gonna catch on fire and have a thermal runaway. Why the manager allows him to park next to the building I have no idea... I did write a letter to the insurance carrier of the building the corporation uses to insure with, with a copy to my rental insurance giving them a heads up to the situation and the name and insurance carrier if we get to roast weinies one night, oh and sent a copy to the fire chief of the city I live in. I haven't heard one peep out of anybody yet, but my butt is covered.

wendyworn said...

Did someone pee in MY Cheerios? wow.

I'm not out contacting the local insurance companies or the fire chief of the city. The real question is -- who peed in your Cheerios?

Deathray said...

Wendy, just ignore him. When he gets like that, most times it’s because some old lady at the apartments he lives at gets tired of him perving on her in the hallway and sprays him with one of those key ring type mace things in his face. Word around here is the management company has received some letters about it along with the chief of police. They covering their butts too.

wendyworn said...

deathray! that cracked me up