Monday, December 4, 2023


I have a job interview this morning. I'm excited yet nervous. I suck at interviews. I once went on 40 job interviews in a row and didn't get hired at any of them, then got offered a job without an interview. Funny how these things work out. Please pray for me today.

Take care out there.


Cederq said...

Got back from Eugene for an MRI and wanted to know how your interview go?

wendyworn said...

it went good. i have a 2nd interview on wednesday. how did your mri go?

Cederq said...

Because of the dye that was being used, a radiologist administered the MRI and infused the dye said I had possibly have suffered a small stroke and he wasn't sure how old that would have been. I wasn't aware I had suffered one. I guess my brain decided not to tell the rest of my body. I don't have any weakness or loss of control on any side or not exhibiting any cognizant decline, one would think I would be able to detect or recognize symptoms underway. I did recognize I was having my two infarcts back in 2005 way before they manifested any outward sign and drove myself both times 33 miles to the hospital. I sure got chewed out by the doc for that... I would still do that, I hate ambulances.

What is the job you are seeking? 2nd interview, a good sign!