Friday, December 15, 2023

Rough Week

It's been a rough week, so I'm glad it is finally over. Here are some good reads from around the internet:

The Schizotocracy, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The New Normal Reich

Darkness is a Cruel Ally

We're So ReEstablishment MEMEs

From Suggested Guidelines to Police-Enforced Laws

Meet the Covid CRISIS ACTORS: NOT Conspiracy Theory. LITERAL ACTORS.

We's fixin' tuh have us a shootin' wahr

Hope you all are doing well. Have a good weekend. See you on Sunday.

Take care out there.



Cederq said...

It is all coming together as it was planned at least a hundred years ago. War is coming, it was always inevitable. In a rather pungent epiphany I wished I was thirty years younger and know what I do today. I would have made a hell of a proper rebel patriot! Today, a proper pain in the ass and behind the scenes flucker upper. We shall see who comes out of this. Everything will change, that is a done deal. See ya on the other side.

The blog, We're So ReEstablishment MEMES... A flash back to reading his thesis as to reading an advanced bi-polar or schizophrenic rant. You gave me a headache...

wendyworn said...

sorry about the headache cederq. I still get good info from his site - even if it is buried in crazy talk.

I think that the war that is coming has been in the planning for longer than a hundred years. I wish I was younger too, not sure how much an old lady can do under the circumstances. But. God's strength is made manifest in weakness. we are clay vessels for His mighty moves. Babylon is in the process of falling right in front of our eyes and our slavery is almost over. All we can do at this point is continue to stand against it in the ways that we can. I have this blog - and reach the people the Lord wants me to reach.

We are winning. I don't know if you heard that they are trying to use Kid Rock to convince people to start drinking Bud Light again. Ha ha ha. That is clearly a sign of desperation on their part. the people are not supporting these evil corporations anymore and they are starting to be seriously affected.

Anonymous said...

My comments are:
The left (Communist party) has demonized not only MAGA, but any one who doesn't genuflect to not only their ideology, but any thing they say we should do.
My solution is to start calling the democratic party what it truly is: the party of Satan. They truly worship at the altar of Death.

I wish you Peace and Grace, in the coming year. GOD BLESS.
Bear in Indy

Justin_O_Guy said...

I'd really like to know what they did to get Kid Rock to turn that
I started looking at those links almost two hours ago. I'm about ready to grab the first Airline sized bottle of Tullamore Dew,which is a Directed Energy Weapon of sorts itself.
The attacks on masculinity and the family have diminished the number of US. And we are mostly old and high mileage and just no longer robust in our bodies enough to engage beyond our own back yard. Certainly speaking for myself. Whatever,, I'd be happy to see America at least stand before I'm gone.
Yeah,, let the games begin.. When it gets to my driveway, I'll laugh and see how much I can affect the outcome. Pretty sure I won't last long enough to reload,but we'll see.