Friday, December 1, 2023

Quiet Week

It was a relatively quiet week. I don't have any links for you today. I do, however, have a job interview on Monday. So good news. We shall see how it goes. Here are some ferrets to amuse you. Have a great weekend, see you on Sunday.


Cederq said...

That was great! Brings back some memories! I used to have a pair of brown ferrets, a sister and brother named Humpty and Dumpty. They were very affectionate and playful like those. Oh the caches! I had to not only ferret proof my condominium, but cache proof it too!

I would bring dates over and I would warn them about Hump and Dump and their antics, woo if they wore a skirt or dress, my ferrets were not bashful...They figured it was a cave to explore and had a scent. I sure miss them but a lot of work keeping them clean and safe. They were both leashed trained and would take them with me to my parents and out to parks to explore.

wendyworn said...

I had a ferret once named Flash. He literally stole a 2 lb package of twizzlers off the dining room table and stashed it under the bed. He was a lot of fun.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I had a guinea pig. He was a magician. He could turn sunflower seeds into turds. Not that entertaining. Mehh, waddya expect for six bucks?