Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How to Spot Fake Stories

We are in the midst of a very serious, international, informational war. Some of us know about the war, and some of us are oblivious. All of the information we do have is funneled through the same few sources, owned and operated by the enemy, against the public, which is then picked up by the alt media and spread around.

The first rule – in how to spot a fake story is to Question Everything

The key is to pick the story apart – questioning every detail.

I'm going to use the recent feel good story out of India as an example:

MIRACULOUS RESCUE: When All Machines Fail, Indian ‘Rat Miners’ Dig Non-Stop for 26 Hours WITH HAND TOOLS To Free 41 Workers Trapped in a Collapsed Tunnel

First off, the picture

Don't just look at the main part of the picture, but also check the background and see if there is anything unusual such as numbers or things that look out of place. 

Most of the minors are wearing orange. Orange is the only color that equals 33 in gematria. But, they could be standard issue uniforms. Several of the members are raising their fists. According to Wikipedia, the raised fistis a common symbol representing a wide range of political ideologies, most notably socialism, communism, anarchism, and trade unionism, and can also be used as a salute expressing unity, strength, or resistance.” So could mean anything or nothing. Moving on.

Repeating number 41

41 people were rescued in this story. 41 is the 13th prime number. It is a very interesting factoid (that I learned during my research) that the number 41 comes up every so often in relation to rescues. For example:

From earlier in 2023:

Italy probes a migrant boat disaster that left 41 feared dead. Four survivors tell a harrowing tale

4 rescued after 41-foot cabin cruiser begins to sink in Boston Harbor


Lakewood Dog Warden rescues dozens of dogs in extreme hoarding conditions – (41 dogs rescued)


41 Children, Including Newborn, Among 244 Migrants Rescued by Italian Coast Guard


Turkey Ends Rescue Efforts After Earthquake Toll Reaches 41


41 Dogs & Cats Rescued From Repeat Hoarder

(Anyway, you get the picture.)


It took 17 days before the minors were rescued. The wait was 17 days. 17 = Q = Psyop. I learned that one the hard way. There are still people out there waiting for that 17th letter of the alphabet to come save them.

Age 33

The number 33 is a Master Mason number and a high occult number. The spokesman for the group of “rat minors” that saved everyone was Munna Qureshi, aged 33. I'm sorry, but there is no way that every hero or villain in every story is aged 33. I'm at the point now that if I see the age 33 in any story, I know it is fake, stop reading and move on.


There is more that could be unpacked in this article (the amount of twelves for example) but that should be enough to get you started.

Take care out there.


Mia Renee' said...

I hoped they packed enough lunch for 17 days :). At least 33 grapes in a baggy.

wendyworn said...

ha ha ha!

Peteforester said...

Never mind the fact that the "miners," just like the HORDES of illegal immigrants who supposedly walked from South America to the US border, don't have a SINGLE smudge or spot on their clothing!!! Also, the hardhats. Anyone who's worn a hardhat KNOWS that they get dinged up REALLY fast. They sit high on the wearer's head and tend to hit things the wearer would typically not need to duck under. Again, not a SINGLE blemish on these. Just as a lawyer can discredit the TRUTHFUL testimony of a person in court with the exposure of one, even minor, lie, this photograph brings into question the validity of ANYTHING actually WRITTEN about this "rescue..."

Cederq said...

You got me starting to look at stories and articles with an abundance of numbers and implausible scenarios... I am a neophyte at it, but I am pushing beyond my grasshopper stage. Before I use to read some such and had a nagging feeling it didn't "sound" right or was ghey and fake in some way, but wasn't aware of what caused it to be ghey and fake. Now I see the correlation and fetish of numbers.

My dad's father was high up in the Masons (33rd Degree) and was quite prominent in the region(Michigan, Ohio, Indiana) level. My dad never joined and myself and my brother. We were nominated to join, but both declined. I asked my dad one time about that and said they did weird things away from the public, that is all he would say. I was offered a full scholarship to a college but had to be in any of the three states. I considered Marquette University in Upper MI which had an excellent nursing education program. I declined that too when I found out that area gets snowed IN for months at a time during winter... No thanks and the only past-time was ice fishing and bar hopping and pub crawls.

wendyworn said...

sorry everyone! my internet has been down all day! hopefully no one got missed

Annie in Ocala said...

And everyone is clean.... Hmmm. You got me thinking....

Justin_O_Guy said...

You said look at the bg.. I did. IDK if it's anything, but if you make the OK sign with your right hand, there is something in the picture that looks like that.

wendyworn said...

I see it Justin - good catch!

Justin_O_Guy said...

But does it mean anything? Is it as much bs as those guys looking like they just got up and got dressed? I look worse than that on the second day of a camping trip. And I've worn hard hats at work. They don't look like that very long.
Thanks for pointing out so many common elements in stories.
You can spend more time on this stuff and I promise you will have at least one attentive reader.

wendyworn said...

i don't know if it means anything or not Justin. I will try to cover some more fake stories when I come across them. thanks for your comments!

Wet Paint said...

17 days in...no one needs a shave, faces clean, clothes clean...hmmm.