Friday, December 8, 2023

Uh, No Thanks

The title on this video is Your Soul Needs DEW

Am I the only one creeped out by this? Anyway, I stopped drinking Mountain Dew a long time ago.

Here are some other links I read this week that were really good:

Induced Schizophrenia

COP28: The Globalist Agenda Has Never Been More Obvious

Hope you all have a good weekend. See you on Sunday!


Justin_O_Guy said...

That just jacked my pulse. I didn't know. But I did know a guy who had empty two liter bottles in abundance. Smart hombre, but completely out of whack. Three tool boxes. Each near empty and stuff everywhere. We did some mechanic work. The clutch on the AC compressor had to come off to get it out. It would not yield to the puller. He cut the bearings out with a torch. In a van. Didn't hurt the core.
It's looking like we're going to have some T-shirt weather again.
Have a nice weekend to you.

Justin_O_Guy said...

With regard to the globalists and their agenda, what they are saying, at some point, becomes what would in a legal sense be
A credible threat, doesn't it?

wendyworn said...

yes it does.

Cederq said...

Mountain Dew will rot out your teeth faster and have a tremendous effect on diabetes. I have never liked the taste, like amped up lemon Gatorade...

Ahh, step into my parlor, schizophrenia. It has to be the one true malady we are experiencing in our country, and the world from our so called leaders and academia and ngos. The left and communism has surely infested all these institutions and we are seeing today these laws and the globalist reaches. There always have been monied men that have rather foolish ideas of them knowing how to run the world because they have built up and ran a business or have crawled to the top of the political dung heap and with that come megalomania. So you have these grandiose schemes and purviews to enslave vast amount of peoples so you can bring about this one world peace and some type of prosperity for them.

Why the reason for the word salad of declarations to better the planet/peoples/animals/climate/oppressed or pick your favorite flavor of the day. It keeps people unbalanced trying to figure out what is exactly being said, nothing is being said. Every thing we hear about is for public consumption, what we don't hear about is what is actually going to be done. If we truly understand and "hear" what they have in store for us, we would rise up and kill every single one of them, we still may do that, just gonna take a little longer to figure it out.

wendyworn said...

most people just aren't paying attention. I don't think the globalists can get more in your face than they are right now. people need to wake up. instead they are still getting their flu and cv boosters. just doesn't make any sense to me. but then again, they think I'm crazy

Justin_O_Guy said...

they think I'm crazy.
They have to. They have to believe what is obviously not true or finally admit to themselves just how much Stupid they have been.
Reports that children raised in lefty homes have more mental health issues...
Well, that is what happens when you insist someone believe what is obviously not true.

Don't mind me. said...

The Tucker/Alex Jones interview was good. There are more awakenings going on.