Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Junction City


With my back fully healed – we set out for another road trip adventure. Junction City is only 13 miles away from us and is a lot closer than Salina (for those who don't know, it is pronounced Sa-LIE-na). My husband's phone has been dying a slow death and it was time to replace it. Plus, he wanted a phone with a local Kansas number.

We found the store easily enough and bought a phone. We hadn't eaten breakfast yet and both of us were starving. We decided to go out to breakfast at a restaurant that happened to be located right next to the store. I ordered the “Eggs in a Blanket” which was what we use to call growing up, “Gypsy Eyes”. It is an egg cooked in the middle of a piece of toast. I like mine with ketchup and my husband thinks I'm insane. My dad use to make the best gypsy eyes and as far as I am concerned – he is still reigning champion.

Afterwards, we drove around town, looking at all the cute neighborhoods and old school businesses. We found a thrift store and I was able to unload my two bags of shoes. Overall – we loved Junction City. It is so close that we foresee many trips there again in our future.

We drove past a war memorial with an arc of Baal prominently featured. One of these days we will stop there and read what the plaque says and who sponsored it. I was a little surprised to see it there.

On the drive, my husband and I were discussing the fact that neither one of us has any desire now to move to Texas. Texas is under attack with the border issues and other things. Kansas seems fairly unscathed although I believe they are poisoning the water supply in Wichita. All in all, we are very happy here and glad that God picked us a good spot.

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