Friday, October 1, 2021

Side Quest: Chapman

My mom used to tell me that when I was a child, I hated summer. I craved the structure of school. She's not wrong about me. Even as an adult, I like to have a plan. Something more important to look forward to than if I should have some coffee or take a nap at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

So, this morning my husband and I decided to drive over to Chapman and explore. We had done some research last night on line and had a basic plan. Check out the town, get some groceries, and see if they have decent tacos at the local Mexican restaurant. In our Texas version of this trip we were going on a quest to find the best taco in Texas. Well, so far we've had tacos twice. Not sure they know much about tacos in Kansas. It may not be their fault. I'm sure their tacos are pretty good to the average person. But my husband makes THE best tacos around. He cooks white onion in with the ground beef and adds cilantro, lime juice, cumin and lots of other spices. It is beyond yummy. Possibly glorious might be a fitting word for it. I may just be spoiled. Having had the best taco meat in the world makes it hard to be an unbiased judge of restaurant tacos.

My husband thought the tacos at the restaurant were good. I shrugged. “Maybe we should keep the RV and turn it into a taco truck?” I said to him, “Once they had your taco meat – they would never want anything else.”

My husband smiled. “Let's tuck that idea away. We'll revisit it once we get settled.”

Chapman was a cute town. They are all Irish and proud of it. There are four-leaf clovers on everything. My husband is Irish – right down to his leprechaun tattoo. We were surprised they had a 24-hour fitness place right as you come into town. My husband thought he would see what the cost is – he would like to start working out again.

There was a little brick hardware store downtown. I said, “let's go in. I need a laundry basket. I doubt they will have one – but let's go check.” Sure enough! They did have one. A nice sturdy one for five dollars plus tax. I don't think I've ever owned such a sturdy laundry basket before. They also had garden hoses on the roll – cut to whatever length you want. Appliances, kitchen gadgets, nuts, bolts and even pet supplies. They even had recliners on sale. Great store. It was built a little like a maze and the worker guy followed us at a distance. Maybe he thought we were going to pocket some tools if he didn't keep an eye on us. He did help us find the laundry baskets. I think in the end he was a little disappointed that was the only thing we bought since we spent a good half an hour looking at everything. Lol!

I bought a local paper from the grocery store and read through it when I got home. Only one help wanted ad – for a school bus driver. Yeah, I don't think so. Not for me. I did find out that there is a farmer's market tomorrow at the RV park that we are currently living at. We will check it out. Until then – time to update my resume.

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