Monday, February 5, 2024

Brace Yourself

Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. I know that everyone is still reeling from the knowledge that our Vitamin D is really just rat poison. I know I am. Well Agent 131711 is still at it with his most recent post:

Vitamin B12 is Literal Cyanide (Poison) & You Won't Believe What Else is in Here!

I don't normally consume any vitamin B products, but I went ahead and read the entire article because I like to be informed about what the enemy is up to in their ongoing war against us. I am sure glad I did.

First of all, I would like to thank Agent 131711 for his diligent and thorough research. I also borrowed the picture posted above to help prove his point. His main point is that Vitamin B12 and similar Vitamin B products are all made with cyanide. But wait, there's more! About half way through the article he talks about aliases (or synonyms) for Sodium Cyanide. One is Yellow Prussiate of Soda. What are they putting it in? The picture already gave it away, but yes, in salt.

Yellow Prussiate of Soda or Sodium Cyanide is considered a Category 1 Toxin. “Category 1 is the highest hazard chemical class according to the Chemical Hazard Classification (GHS) system. Category 1 means it can inflict irreversible damage with a single exposure.”

Of course the first thing I did was to get my large container of Iodized Salt out and look on the label. Sure enough, Yellow Prussiate of Soda. Saying I was horrified is a grand understatement. The second thing I did (after throwing it away) was call my little sister and let her know, so she could be horrified as well.

At the store, I tried to find some salt (Iodized or otherwise) that didn't include Yellow Prussiate of Soda or basically cyanide. I found one that didn't list Yellow Prussiate of Soda, but it had other chemicals that I didn't know what they were, so it was a hard pass as well. Every container of salt had it listed as an ingredient.

Thank God, I did find one lone bottle of something called “Australian Sea Salt – Fine” that only had salt as the ingredient. Nothing else. I mean, is it really too much to ask to just have some salt – without the added poisons? No wonder we all feel like crap these days.

Just the messenger guys. When they say the truth hurts, they weren't kidding. Check your labels. Pray over your food, they are literally trying to poison us in everything. Evil bastards.

Take care out there,


Eraser said...

I'll take "Personal Intake Poisons" for $1000 Alex. We're getting clobbered out here kiddo, by the same cabal that's destroying everything else. The devil sure is busy these days.

wendyworn said...

so true eraser - great comment

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out Redmond Real Salt. It is mined in Utah, and does not have any additives.

wendyworn said...

thanks anon!

Peteforester said...

I actually used to think salt was salt. I bought the store brand which was cheaper than Morton by almost half. Then I saw that stuff in the ingredients list. I went back to buying Morton salt. The regular salt. The kind almost everyone buys. Its ingredient list says "Salt." 'Not sure why they're putting chemicals in the "Sea Salt..." Oh; and if your salt is caking in the shaker, it's probably because of humidity. Put a little uncooked rice in the shaker. It absorbs the humidity and keeps the salt flowing freely.

wendyworn said...

great idea - thanks pete!