Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Moisturizing Meme Just Won't DIE!

Back at the end of October, beginning of November, this weird meme came out of nowhere and everyone was posting it on their blogs. I hated that meme and wrote about it here:

Moisturized?! Seriously?

You can see the meme I'm talking about at that link, because I refuse to re-post it again.

When I imported all my bookmarks from Firefox to Edge, I still had existing bookmarks and WRSA was one of them. That site was the biggest culprit of posting that meme. Here it's been over 4 months and he is STILL posting that meme. DE-LETE again.

Saw that meme again this morning on a different blog. I'm not deleting that blog because I love that guy and go there on the daily. So, I had to ask myself WHY I hate this meme so much and why I have such a strong adverse reaction to it. I think I figured it out.

This meme is America in its present state. Everyone is asleep with their heads down (in their lane) and happy (because they do not know what is going to hit them.) They are moisturized, as in fully lubed up. They are primed and ready because (and I'm sorry if this next part offends you) they are about to take it straight up the ass.

That is where we are as a country. On the verge of getting (and again I apologize) royally fucked over in every category of life. Our enemies are not just at the gate. They are inside, getting their monthly mercenary pay and their housing and their cell phones and their meals waiting for the orders that will come at just the right time. Our treasonous government is paying for it all with our tax dollars and no one is stopping them. All while the general public believes that they are “flourishing” the war is already over and we lost. All it lacks is the finishing.

Get prepared. It may be that God will have mercy on our country and give us more time to get ready for what is coming. But it IS coming. The enemy has already declared war on us and the threat implied in “Leave the World Behind” is what they plan on doing. I could go on, but I'll stop there.

So yeah. I get all that from one crappy meme.

Take care out there.


Eraser said...

I seriously think if that meme doesn't anger you, there is something wrong with you. It is exactly what is happening here today. Unfortunately for us, I think the US has been left for judgement, so yeah, grab some wall when this thing gets to spinning.

wendyworn said...

Thank you eraser. I was hoping it wasn't just me that felt that way.

Anonymous said...


to make sth of an allegory-
why not flee to Petra?

That is, Leave!
save yor life and those you love?
live to fight another day?

as a Texan- i’m all about The Alamo and Gonzalez, etc.
I also am pragmatic. honest.

what’s G-d say?
come out of her?

what could He possibly mean?

Cederq said...

I am grossly offended at your (ass) statement, you stole it from me! Thant is okay, I like a gal that can say shit if her hand is full of it... occasional slip is still lady like. It is the profound F-bombs that I don't care to hear from any gender, what are we up 67 of them now, hell I can't keep up with out an updating scorecard.

I don't care for that particular meme. It has a hidden meaning and no contents. On some base, visceral feeling I won't post it on BN. Believe it or not, I do have standards and there are some things I won't post. Shocked huh? If Phil posts it, I have to accept it. I have a strong belief we are going to experience a wood colonoscopy and this country will be in turmoil extremeous.

wendyworn said...

stole is a pretty heavy accusation cederq. not saying I didn't hear you say that. I think I have heard you say the f bomb as well if I recall....

Cederq said...

I hang my head in shame... I admit I have F-bombed on occasion... But it isn't in my vocabulary as an every other word when I talk or make a statement. You know I was innocently razzing you about the ass statement. I was trying to uphold your honor. Believe that?

wendyworn said...

Of course I believe that cederq. 100%. I would never question that all your statements are on the up and up. lol

BigCountryExpat said...

Actually I'm with you Wendy. The one that I poasted that was your final straw I poasted b/c WiscoDave made it for me as in the comments from an earlier bloggpoast the movie "Dogs of War" was mentioned. HIGHLY Recommend BTW, one of Christopher Walkens earliest efforts... a good merc movie too. The weapon in question was a Manville MM-1 26.7mm multi-round 'revolver' type fed 'gas gun' used by the po-po back in the day... IRL it was for firing CS and riot control agents, but in the movie, they made it a general purpose mayhem thrower. The link provided to me by Wisco was https://www.autoweapons.com/photos17/jul/gasgun.html
Dunno if you saw it, but as you, I grew weary of that meme as well, and did one using the one where Fredo gets KIA'd in the "Godfather"

wendyworn said...

Hey BCE! I saw a meme where the guy was shot but I didn't steal it at the time. maybe it was on your site I saw it.

Tree Mike said...

That meme hit me wrong too. Maybe it's an inside description of the super, duper, high speed, low drag "operators"? Doesn't describe me. I'm definitely in the low speed, high drag end of the performance scale.
I do have a vintage Toyota pick up, so I have the start of a kit "technical". Now if I could score a quad 50 (and a National Guard unit for logistics and support), I'd be a bad ass operator. An old Toyota and a 10/22 Ruger, just isn't that intimidating, but it's hell on bunnies.