Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Music: Spring?

I wanted to post songs about spring, but there are very few out there on You Tube that aren't little kid songs or just kind of suck. Mostly instrumental, except for Ed Sheeran who did happen to write a decent song about spring. Maybe I'm early but I am definitely getting that spring feeling around here.


Cederq said...

I couldn't be fond of Ed Sheeran, his voice rankles... Andrea Vanzo I have always enjoyed listening to his piano instrumentals, very melodic and soothing, but the bare feet out on that rock? My feet cringe now! Ahhh! Chopin! He is one of my favorite classical composer.

Cederq said...

The spring is sprunging around here! The dogwoods, crab apple and other varieties of trees are blossoming and the bees are out buzzing about.

wendyworn said...

yeah. listened to a bunch of ed sheeran songs this morning, but it really sounds like a female singing so couldn't do a whole sunday just for them.