Tuesday, February 6, 2024

I Forgot it was Black History Month

While walking around the internet this weekend, I was reminded that it is Black History Month. Just in case you are unaware of all the good that people of color bring to our country, I have compiled a list. It is highly important that we are reminded (again and again) of all that they have accomplished and how long they have been here, including the ones that came over on the Mayflower.

  • Black people invented everything including the internet

  • All the Founding Fathers were Black

  • All Royalty are Black dating back to the beginning of time

  • Black people created the English language and continue to perfect it to this day

  • All the great thinkers were Black: P'lato, S'ocrates, etc.

If you don't believe the facts I have presented here – you are a total raycist and should be shunned for your whyte privilege. Get your own month. Only 23 more days left in this one.


wendyworn said...


Don't mind me. said...

Did you upset the normies again?

wendyworn said...

possibly. glad you are still with me!

Don't mind me. said...

Some people take life (and themselves) waaay too seriously.
Keep on truckin'

wendyworn said...

agreed! thanks