Monday, February 19, 2024

Selling the Poor for a Pair of Shoes

“...because they sold the righteous for silver, and the poor for a pair of shoes.” Amos 2:6.

According to the news, Former President Trump showed up “unexpectedly” to the Philadelphia SneakerCon event on Saturday to showcase his $399 golden high top shoes. The shoes sold out in minutes. People then turned around and resold them on E-bay. The current asking price varies but one pair sold for $9000!

I actually questioned if SneakerCon is even a real thing because I had never heard of it before. I know Con is short for Convention, but it could also mean, “persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.” Since our reality is literally saturated with deception, the idea that they could throw up a website for SneakerCon with a 15 year history is not outside the realm of possibilities. Even the word sneaker implies trickery. Just saying. But supposedly it's a real thing.

In the bible, feet represented your walk with God. Shoes are artificial constructs. At the burning bush, God told Moses to take off his shoes because where he was standing was holy ground. I use to think that it was the ground itself that was holy, but now I believe it was wherever Moses was standing that made it holy, according to God's words.

Which is another reason why that Super Bowl ad for people washing people's feet, and implying that Jesus would approve is so very blasphemous. Jesus washed the apostle's feet symbolizing their walk with the Lord has been washed and they would be ready for the ministries ahead after Jesus was gone. The people in the ad were washing other's feet who were still in the midst of their sins and their ministries would be of the enemy and not of God. “Their feet are swift to shed blood” Rom 3:15.

As part of our spiritual armor, we are to have our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. These golden shoes that Trump has presented are symbols of golden idols to be worshiped, just as he himself wants to be worshiped and portrays himself as a savior. The ministry of mammon.

Take care out there.


Eraser said...

Right on all points, WW. I find the constant worse-ship of DJT more than a little sickening - but I understand that secular minds need to believe in something good for them to continue in their "earthly hope".

This "idol Worship" of the current crop of humanity has got me thinking lately. To piggyback on your comment about Moses on the Mount; I still chuckle that Moses couldn't even go up & down the mountain without the Israelites making idols for themselves! Today we are surrounded by the most feeble minds that Blackrock can buy, so the worship of shoes should be no surprise. As my pops used to say, "people are nuts". Heh.

wendyworn said...

people are nuts - and doubly so these days. thanks for the comment!

Cederq said...

Hey, at least they is "GOLD" People have this weird affinity to worship shiny gold things, look at Erasers comment, "Shiny Gold Thingies" it didn't take long for the Israelites to have their ADHD squirrel lust... Clowns and circuses and GMO bread. Wonder if the make GMO Manna? People are Crazy, a popular C & W singer croons.

wendyworn said...


Tree Mike said...

Trump is a "charismatic" leader. He's just part of another faction, maybe less evil, maybe not. Putin, same thing. I suspect less evil than the Western version, but I don't really know. The way the West vilifies him, he gets the nod for least obvious evil.
Since I'm betting on this, I'm betting on the Lord, Jesus Christ.