Friday, February 9, 2024

Fighting Bears

I got a package yesterday from my other sister for my birthday. It was a coffee mug that said, “I would fight a Bear for you Sister. Not a Grizzly. Or a Brown Bear. Or a Panda. But maybe like a Care Bear? I'd fight one of those Sonsabitches for you.” Lol. I loved it.

Had a nice dinner with my son. Poor kid was exhausted, having no sleep and driving all week down from Alaska on his way to Louisiana. But it was a great visit even if it was short. I said to keep in touch and “call your mother” using my best mom impression.

So I had a pretty busy week and didn't have a lot of time to read any articles – so no links. The articles I did read were about the inordinate amount of evil symbolism surrounding the Super Bowl this year. I told my husband I was concerned something really bad would happen at the game this year. My husband said, “You say that every year.” Well, I'm not so sure that I do say that every year, but none the less, the symbolism this year is off the charts.

A lot of people lost complete respect for the NFL once players starting dropping a knee in political correctness gone wild and against our country. Most of those people will never watch football again.
Add in how obvious the rigging is, more people stopped watching. They had to bring in CIA asset Taylor Swift to get any one to care. There has been instances of people who attended her concerts and then can't remember what happened. Nothing was ever explained about that.

Then of course it is the Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon. There are also interesting planetary alignments, and you know how the enemy loves those. It might be the last opportunity for this predictive programming to play out:

I heard two completely unrelated people state that what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Travis Kelce's number happens to be 87 – the death number. The stadium in Las Vegas where the Superbowl will be played is Allegiant (All Giant) Stadium, but it's nickname is the Death Star. And so much more.

Regardless if anything spectacular happens, the Superbowl is one giant Satanic ritual, including all the commercials and especially the half time show. I won't be watching it, but I will be praying for all the players and those people in the stands attending. Hopefully, nothing will happen. I guess we shall see.

Take care out there everyone! See you on Sunday.


Cederq said...

I don't watch the negro felon league or the all foozeball league... Heck not for over twenty years and even back then didn't care for feetball. Taylor Swift, sounds like a ugly female driver for Swift transportation, they hire anybody. If you become educated of symbols and satanic lexicons, you start seeing them everywhere. That is predictive programming, it has to be innocuous and common. It has to be subconscious and persistent for it to work effectively.

You don't think the satans-in-charge aren't going to use a big venue like that? It is prime advertising! It is the bread and circuses to keep 'em dumb and compliant. If you are watching 22 sweating brutes beating each other up or racking up homeruns( I liked baseball, but it was co-opted) you are not so apt to turn your attention to our slave owners and foment your version of touch football or use a bat in it's proper form, smashing heads...

wendyworn said...

definitely seeing symbols everywhere

Johno said...

Miss Wendyworn, I’d arm wrestle a koala bear if you needed it. Your pal, Cederq, though, well I reckon that he and Pooh Bear would call for a mutual break in order for strength replenishment with coffee and doughnuts wearing a honey and cinnamon glaze.

wendyworn said...

That made me laugh Johno! Thanks!