Friday, February 16, 2024

The Matrix is all around you...

It was a crazy week. Glad it is over. It is suppose to snow a little this morning. We shall see.

Here are some good reads this week:

Ewan McGregor Is The Most Pathetic Man Alive

The Quiet Subversion.

Forget Passwords and Badges: Your Body Is Your Next Security Key

Too Big, Too Many People, Too Little In Common

Michigan State Officials Call for Registry of Homeschooled Children

Why All These Brands (AB Inbev, Target,North Face Et Al.) Are Committing Suicide

There is also a pretty important video from Rob Braxman. He seems genuinely legit for the most part

Take care out there – See you on Sunday!


Crazy Hootowl said...

In the early 80s, Michigan was one of the worst states for homeschoolers. Due to the efforts of a Christian Legal Defense group, they became one of the best states to homeschool. The legislators have been trying for decades to turn it around again. This was a major concern twenty years ago when I homeschooled my children, so it is not new.

This is the same as gun control. As the article states, take a specific incident and use it as a poster child instead of focusing on the specific crimes.

wendyworn said...

yes, it sets a very bad precedent. Once you are registered, then they can target you. People need to NOT register these things if it does get passed. Thanks for the comment!