Monday, February 12, 2024

Weekend Wrap Up

Chiefs won the Superbowl. I know. Shocking huh? Nothing blew up so I guess the Bane option is off the table, for now. Here are some preliminary write ups:

What’s That Meme Going Round…?

Usher Fizzles In Super Bowl Halftime Show Despite Alicia Keys & Guest Stars Galore – Review

CASHING IN CHIPS: Super Bowl fans stunned by nachos costing staggering $60 as price of food inside Allegiant Stadium is revealed

I'm sure de-codes of the half time show will be trickling in, but I will spare you on those.

Meanwhile – there was a shooting at Joel Osteen's Lakewood church. Interesting tidbit about Joel is the fact that he has been mandela effected. His name use to be Joel OLSTEEN. I look at it as, no EL since he is an overt satanist posing as a mega-church pastor. He is in the big club.

I haven't heard anything yet on the two job interviews I had last week. The suspense is killing me. Hopefully I will hear something soon.

That's all for now. Take care out there.


Eraser said...

So…speaking of the Pastor of Prosperity(Osteen)…I can’t remember where I saw the video (I know it was a commenter @the TBP), but there was this Asian theologian/minister just dragging Billy Graham. I’ve never given Billy much thought, but this guy laid out the case where his wonderfully “ecumenical” approach with our past presidents was like walking them into the woodchipper, spiritual-wise – and that leads the flock astray as well. I needn’t get into the details, but it saddens me that I’ve had to completely review EVERY LITTLE THING I’ve learned prior to the covid physop. Like I’ve got nothing better to do.

Since you brought it up…I hope the Fandueler’s had the good sense to bet their farms on KC for the win. It truly could not have gone any other way. But then, I wouldn’t expect anyone on the left to have the good sense to understand that. Ecc 10:2 should cover that.

Lastly, isn’t providence something…JonJon Stewy back on the Daily Loser Show just in time for the last chapter of the "Hostile Take Over of America" election this fall? Hmm, if only I were a deep(state) thinker…

Be blessed WW

wendyworn said...

I didn't know about Jon Stewert returning. interesting timing to say the least. thanks for commenting eraser!

Cederq said...

I didn't watch the circus, I had to yes, I had to rearrange and inventory my Tupperware lids. Jon Stewart? He's back? I didn't or do watch him. What a slimy, sleezy over-warted toad! Not funny, not even serious. Something has to break, hell, the odds are n your favor, once ya hit '0' odds can't go negative.

wendyworn said...

darn tupperware lids

Anonymous said...

great site!

pardon my saying-
born and living in Houston 59 years,
he and his dad were always O(no L).
at least in Houston. no idea what others called them.

I trust the Lord will put you in the right place at the right time and will pray that it is soon.