Thursday, February 22, 2024

Coming Up for Air

This is the latest video from Amazing Polly. Unfortunately, I can't embed the video but I highly recommend you watch it.

Coming up for Air

She discusses the new "Dream Team" or the new gatekeepers (same as the old gatekeepers with new faces and names) playing the same old games. Their goal is the same. Enslavement of humanity via AI technology. 

My interview went really well yesterday. So now I wait. Hope you all are well.

Take care out there. 


Cederq said...

When will you know when you get rejected? That seems to be a recurring theme in your life now-a-days... I am not trying to be an ass(I said that on your blog) and be negative nellie... I really praying you get this job!

wendyworn said...

as I've heard before they said they would let me know either way, but they said should be making a decision in the next couple days. maybe they will call me tomorrow and just give me the job already. i can only hope

Anonymous said...


Best wishes and hopes that you secure this job!

Anonymous said...

am praying G-d’s will be done.

have a blessed weekend to all